Hix Lake and Cabin consists of about thirty fenced
acres for your enjoyment located in the center of our
farm.  Among these thirty acres lies the one and only
cabin, and a fifteen acre lake.  The land provides
beautiful views. You can truly relax while you enjoy
the birds, deer and squirrel in their habitats. The lake
contains approximately one and a half miles of
walking shoreline.  Fully stocked, it is home to several
types of fish, including; channel catfish, blue gill,
hybrid perch, red-eared perch, black crappie, bass,
and paddle fish.  At it's deepest points, the lake can
be around thirty feet deep, and around the dock it is
about fifteen feet deep.  The fishing is great, but
please release what you won't eat!
It was on June 15th, 1869, that the patent for the
land for the future town of Macks Creek was
received.  The first Macks Creek log cabin was built in
1870, ever since then the community has been

As a way to share our beautiful portion of outdoor life with
others, we decided to build this rental cabin.  This way,
anyone who wants to can simply take some time away
from the hustle and bustle of every day life and relax in
seclusion in the wooded serenity that we call Hix Lake and
Cabin.  The cabin was completed in the summer of 2005.  
We started taking reservations, and anxiously await more
guests!  So come, and spend some time with plenty of fun,
and plenty of peace at the lake and cabin!